Workshop Details

What if…

God put each of us in the body at a specific time and place for his good purposes?

Everyone in your congregation could answer, “Why am I here?”

Everyone in your congregation were empowered and unleashed on your community?

The One Body Workshop can help you live out this dream!

This interactive workshop takes about three hours to help church leaders and members find their place in the kingdom and begin living it out. The workshop sessions include:

  1. Teaching: Folks have a lot of different ideas about gifts. In this session I address some misconceptions and walk though the Bible texts about gifts to help us all have a clearer understanding.
  2. Personal Reflection: Many of us have completed a “spiritual gifts inventory” only to find ourselves in the same place we were when we started. Rather than an inventory, we’ll have a guided time of personal reflection based on our fresh understanding of gifts.
  3. Community Affirmation: Sometimes we have trouble seeing ourselves clearly. This blessed time of community affirmation is often full of tears and laughter as we learn how others see God at work in and through us.
  4. Leadership Empowerment: It is important that the church not only help Christians discern their places, but that the church release Christians to carry out their God-given roles. There is a powerful moment when a church leader commits to helping you live out your calling.


The workshop can take place on a Sunday morning using Bible class, worship time, and a fellowship lunch. It can also be done Sunday afternoon/evening, or on another day.

The community affirmation works well over lunch around tables.

A key factor is that the congregational leadership needs to be on board with empowering the members to carry out their role or function in the body.

I will provide an optional sample sermon and a seven day prayer guide for use in preparing the congregation in the time leading up to the workshop.

There is no set cost for the workshop at this point. The congregation will be expected to cover travel expenses.

To Schedule the One Body Workshop

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