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Matt Carter

Hello, this is Matt Carter. I had a life-changing experience as a college student at the University of Georgia. I was part of a fledging campus ministry when older students took me under their wing and mentored me as a Christian. I was given an opportunity to serve and plugged in where I was needed. As you can imagine, a few years later I found myself as the older student mentoring younger students. Through this  experience, I discovered a passion and aptitude for ministry. Naturally, I ended up becoming a campus minister.

I worked in campus ministry from 1994-2009 at the University of Memphis, Kansas State University, and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In Chapel Hill I led a church plant team working to engage the UNC community. I have served as Director of Admissions at HST since November, 2011.

I earned a Master of Divinity from  Harding School of Theology (HST)  in 1998. I earned my Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree at HST in 2018, and this workshop was a part of the dissertation project for my degree.

This D.Min. project came out of my work as campus minister and admissions director. I have talked with many Christians wondering about God’s purpose in their lives. Some of them only needed an opportunity to serve to blossom into active Christians. Many helped their congregation expand its spiritual influence inside and outside the church. Some, like me, found a calling to missions or preaching through their search.

The goal of this workshop is to help churches learn to help Christians find their places in the body of Christ and to empower them to fill that role.