I thought the most meaningful part of the workshop was when we broke into our groups and discussed/affirmed gifts we saw in each other. We can often overlook what we find as “ordinary” or perceive as “mundane” in ourselves. However, when a trusted church family member affirms and recognizes these gifts as meaningful and purposeful, it brings new life to that purpose.

Those in my group stated that they would like to get together more often to discuss the gifts we see in each other. It would make our relationships, gifts, and church as a whole, stronger.


Our congregation is still buzzing a couple of weeks after the workshop. I’ve even had several conversations with people who were not present that day who are benefiting from the teaching and encouragement.

I found the workshop to be especially helpful for those who serve and work in the church, but in less visible ways. The community affirmation was so important for them to hear that what they do is needed, noticed, and appreciated.


I used to think God would have to give me a gift when I got saved but learned He had already given me a gift even before I became a Christian. He put this gift in me when I came to know who He is. I am now a part of the body of Christ and am willing to do anything when called upon, whatever the need. This class made me realize I was using my gift because I was a part of God’s Church and a willing member of the Church’s body.

Oscar Tyler

The ability to cover the main passages that announce and discuss the gifts of the Spirit was important and well done. The presentation was very well organized and made a much debated topic much easier to understand. The slides and handouts also served well in understanding and remembering the key points.

There was a wide age range at the workshop. However you held the attention of all the attendees very well. I was pleased to see the young members of the group maintain their thoughts as well as they did on a topic that they probably have not had a great deal of concern. The remaining group members were totally immersed in what you had to say.

I was also grateful for the opportunity you provided for comments and questions. Even on such a tight timetable you were very receptive and composed in making the response.

This presentation would be welcomed and appreciated in most churches.